Alain Jay | Agni Jala

Identity and Webdesign for an artist / sculptor

Alain Jay is an artist specialized in sculpture. His work is defined by the ability to shape the elements to translate emotion.
Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Webdesign
1. Minimalism: The graphic design won't interfere with AJ's artwork.
2. Personality: As an artwork is deeply related to his creator, the identity requires to be as close as possible to the artist mind. The identity must represent both the field of sculpture (& art) and the artist himself.
3. Objectify: The visual elements must fit into each others and can be combined or existing by them selves. The challenge of that logo is to live as a symbol out of the branding trends.
Tools & Research
- artistic movement: Bauhaus / De Stijl
- thinking process: Ayurveda (indian curation theory based on elements)
The Concept 
Agni Jala is Alain Jay.
Jala means water and Agni means fire, those two words respectively belong to the dosha's Kapha and Pitta which are defining AJ's constitution.
Those 2 elements are considered as opposite but each has the power to regulate the other. Fire makes the still water move (boiling) - Rain calm down the forest fire. The rain drop crossing the sun ray makes a rainbow.
Cinema of animation, sculpture device, magic objects, statuary sculpture
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Alpixel - Website development
Snooz - Photography
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